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Hydroponic Sprout Barley Wheatgrass Corn alfalfa germination chamber

HYDROPONIC SPROUT GERMINATION PRODUCTION ROOM Best Fodder for Buffalo, Goats, Chicken. Meditech is the largest manufacturer and exporter of hydroponic cattle feed growing system in India. These are special chambers which are used to maintain temperature, lights, humidity and co2 levels inside the chamber. Meditech hydroponic wheatgrass germination chamber has 7 inch Touch screen controller. The hydroponic grass germination chamber is also used for growing barley for feed. The hydroponic grass growing system is designed exclusively for seed germination and seed storage and other research...

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Probe Sonicator

Meditech Technologies India Pvt. Ltd is the largest manufacturer and exporter of Probe Sonicator. Ultrasonic Homogenizers are recommended for homogenization and lysis of laboratory samples that do not require traditional grinding or rotor-stator cutting techniques for processing. The Meditech Technologies’s Ultrasonic Homogenizers offer precision engineering with all the necessary features to create a total system for ultrasonic disruption. In biological applications, Probe Sonicator is often used to disrupt cell membranes and release cellular contents. Probe Sonicator is also used...

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Environmental Test Chamber

Meditech is the largest manufacturer and exporter of different types of environment test chamber in India. An environmental chamber is a climatic chamber used to test specified environmental conditions like Light, Temperature and Humidity on industrial products, biological items, electronic devices and components. An environmental chambers artificially replicates the test conditions such as extreme temperature, pressure, hot, cold, light, thermal shock, humidity, vibration, corrosion testing, salt spray, rain, sun, UV, vacuum and other parameters. Application of Environmental test...

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Solar Freezer Suppliers and Manufacturers

Solar Freezer -Best Quality Efficient Freezers Meditech is the largest manufacturer of Solar Freezer in India. The solar Freezer is constructed robustly with special Air craft alloy steel material for light weight. Solar Freezer comes with the with Digital Controller. the Freezer is Reliable and designed for extreme tropical climate conditions upto 45 degree C. The Meditech Solar Freezer are super insulated with polyurethane foam. The outer body is powder coated and made of special air craft alloy steel and aluminuim/SS/PP interior. Brushless motor with Zero maintenance. Frost Free system...

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Solar Walk In Freezer

Solar Walk In Freezer Meditech technologies India Private Limited manufactures solar walk in Freezer in India. Solar Walk in Freezer is specially designed for remote homes, Unreliable grid, micro enterprises, Boats, Marine, Beverage Vending, Remote stores, Ice Making, Cabins, Eco-Resorts, farms, Medical Clinics, Missionaries, Disaster preparedness and mobile vendors. Dimensions in...

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Solar Walk In Cooler

Solar Walk In Cooler 12-24 volts works on battery as well as solar panels Maintenance Free brushless compressor motor for long life Refrigerant 134a eco friendly Adjustable Digital Temperature controller Low energy requirement Efficient Cooling Easy Installation Solar Walk in cooler manufactured by Meditech provide outstanding economical and reliable operation.  Low energy consumption is the key that allows Meditech Solar Walk in cooler to be cost effectively powered from solar, wind, fuel cells or batteries. This technology allows refrigeration in remote locations where it was previously...

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