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Tissue Culture Chamber

Complete Range Of Plant Growth Chamber Plant Growth Chamber Model Internal Capacity Growth Area Growth Height External Dimension Catalog PLANT GROWTH CHAMBER MA1000 35ft3 (1000l) Upto 22.6 ft²(2.1m²) upto 45″(1065mm) 41.75” x 32.5” x79.5” (1040mm x 825mm x 2020mm) Download MTAC26 52ft3 (1471l) 26ft2(2.4m2) 24” (610mm) 95” x 35” x 78” (2415mm x 890mm x 1980mm) Download MTAC40 103ft3 (2195l) 38ft2(3.6m2) 32” (810mm) 100” x 35.5” x 101” (2540mm x 900mm x 2565mm) Download MTAC60 103ft3 (2915l) 57ft2(5.2m2) 20” (545mm) 100” x...

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Tissue Culture Chamber MTC80

Tissue Culture Chamber Tissue Culture Chamber MTC80 is specifically designed for the growth of tissue culture. With four shelves and a top-mounted refrigeration system, the Tissue Culture Chamber TC80 provides an exceptional growth area-to-footprint ratio. The four shelves channel the airflow upward which acts to minimize the formation of condensation inside the lids of Petri dishes and other tissue culture vessels. Please consult Meditech regarding specific requirements for Tissue Culture Chamber. Download Tissue Culture Chamber Cataloginquire   Specification Of Tissue...

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Tissue Culture Room MTCR

Tissue Culture Room MTCR The Tissue Culture Room MTCR walk-in room provides a multi-tier modular platform available in increments of 60ft2 (5.6m2). This makes the Tissue Culture Room MTCR chamber suitable for research involving plant tissue culture and is often used within large micro propagation programs. The solid side wall plenums transfer air to individual air shelves ensuring upward airflow from each individual shelf, which is essential in mitigating condensation within media dishes.   Download Tissue Culture Room Cataloginquire   Specification Of Tissue...

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