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Blood Mixer

Blood Mixer Meditech Technologies India Private Limited is the largest manufacturer and exporter of blood processing equipment i.e. Blood Mixer in India. The Blood Mixer is used in hospitals, research centers and labs for mixing of blood. The Blood mixer is manufactured using quality raw materials to meet quality standards like CE, WHO and ISO. Features of Meditech Blood Mixer Roller Blood mixer is available in Two Types (a). Fixed Volume (b). Variable The Outer Body is made up of bacteria resistant powder coated CRCA steel. Maximum R.P.M. of the mixer is 30.  machine operates on...

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RH View Box

Features of Meditech RH View Box Blood typing RH determination Warming slides for gram- strains Tissue typing Reading enzymes antibody screen in microplate Compact Economical Slide- Warmer! Soft, fluorescent, glare-free light Built-in temperature indicator Description of RH View Box:- RH View Box Come with a soft fluorescent, glare free bulb that provide excellent uniform slide illumination and a temperature indicator that easily and accurately monitor the viewing area and regulates the temperature to compensate for ambient temperature changes (range45°C to 50°C).RH View Box has...

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Solar Blood Bank Refrigerator

Solar Blood bank Refrigerator General Features of Meditech solar blood bank refrigerator Alarms –12 Types Temperature Backup – 12 Days Power required per 24 hours – 2 1/2 hours only. Chart Recorder Data Logger and USB pen drive Clock and Calendar Setting Meditech is the largest manufacturer and exporter of solar Blood bank Refrigerator in India. The temperature settable range is 2 to 6 °C. Advance LED based micro controller is used to control temperature and alarms. There is digital display of set value and process value. Cabinet Construction of solar blood bank...

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Elisa Plate Analyser

ELISA PLATE ANALYSER Meditech is the largest manufacturer of Elisa Reader in India. Elisa Reader has Built in Stabilizer Elisa reader also  has Built In Shaker The equipment has On Screen Plotting It takes 8 Seconds for 96 wells The machine is has a standard Touch Screen Download  Catalog     FEATURES of Meditech Elisa Plate Analyzer The Elisa Reader manufactured by Meditech is Robust with built in Stabilizer The speed can be varied with duration with the help of Built  in Shaker. The Results are printed in Matrix Mode Format. There is an Option to run Multiple Blank in cut-off...

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Blood Donor Chair – Blood Donation Chair Manufacturer and Supplier

Meditech is the largest manufacturer and exporter of Blood Donor Chair in India. The Donor Chair is available with various features described below. The Blood Donor chairs is used in various application such as Blood collection chair for collection of Blood, Blood donation chair for donation of Blood. Features of Meditech Blood Donor Chair are: The Chair is fixed and Laminated The arm rest is adjustable and Padded with Premium Vinyl leather finished. The Backrest and seat is Vinyl finished. The Chair has integrated tray. Storage drawer version is also available on request. Download...

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Blood Collection Monitor Manufacturer India Battery Backup

blood collection monitor, Blood Collection Monitor manufacturer in India Meditech is the largest manufacturer and exporter of Blood collection monitor in India. Facility for Manual Weight Calibration Auto weight Calibration Display value in Vol and Grams RPM Settable from 1 to 50 RPM Real Time Clock Date and Time Battery Backup for 50 Hours continuous operation of Blood Collection Monitor Large LCD Display Audio and Video Alarms Display Indication – LED based RS232 Ports Blood Collection Monitor is useful to collect accurate blood during blood collection process. The...

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