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Seed Storage Chamber

Seed storage Chamber

European CE Certified Products Presafe DGM897

Meditech is the largest manufacturer and exporter of seed storage chamber in India. Meditech seed germination chambers are used for seed germination, seed development and seed storage. These are special chambers which can maintain temperature, humidity, lights and CO2 levels.

Features of Seed Storage Chamber
(1) These are designed exclusively for seed germination and seed storage and other research applications.
(2) parameters such as Temperature, Light, humidity (optional) and CO2 (optional) can be controlled.
(3) Touch SCreen Controlled LED Controller with 12 types of alarms, RTC, Date and Calendar and data logging options
(4) Program can be set in real and elapsed time.
(5) Ramping mode is available for experiments
(6) Multi profiles can be linked to create complex programs
(7) SAIFIN program allows Seed Storage Chamber to access remotely.
(8) Flourscent Lamps are mounted on each Shelf vertically.
(9) Light intensity upto 100 μmoles/m2/s can be achieved of light irradiance measured @ 6″ from lamps of seed storage chamber.
(10) Programming is done using 7 Inch Touch screen controller

Airflow and circulation

(1) Air is circulated horizontally throughout the chamber to maintain the desired temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.

Cabinet construction

(1) Interior is constructed using 22-gauge 304 stainless steel.
(2) Exterior is constructed using 18-gauge bacteria resistant powder coated CRCA aircraft steel
(3) The Seed germination Chamber is completely self contained
(4) The Thickness of cabinet is 3″ (75 mm)
(5) Two 2″ diameter access ports are provided on Right side wall of the cabinet.
(6) The Chamber floor is designed for drain which eventually end in a hose assembly.
(7) The Chamber is supported with 4 castor wheels on with height adjustment facility.

(1) The seed storage chamber is insualted using high density CFC free PUFF insulation.

(1) A single door provides full access to the chamber interior.
(2) Gaskets with Magnetic strips provides a tight seal to door.

(1) Fifteen tiers of Stainless Steel SS304 wire shelving

(1) The seed storage chamber is fitted with air-cooled refrigeration unit.
(2) The refrigeration system allows easy access for maintenance and cleaning

Temperature range
(1) 10°C to 44°C (±0.1°C) lights on and 2°C to 44°C (±0.1°C) lights off
(2) Temperature controls, audible alarms, and visual indicators provided
(3) Safety emergency Controls will shut down all the power to the chamber,
and activates the alarms.

humidity control (optional)
(1) humidity sytem for higher than ambient to 85% (±3%) lights on for set temperatures between 15° to 60°C
(2) Humidity system for higher than ambient to 90% (±10%) lights off for set temperatures between 15° to 30°C

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