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Arabidopsis Chamber MTAC60

Arabidopsis Chamber MTAC60 Arabidopsis Chamber Product Description Arabidopsis Chamber MATC60 provides an exceptional growth-area-to-footprint ratio. Arabidopsis Chamber uses a top-mounted refrigeration system that accommodates servicing from the front of the chamber, and that simplifies on-site installation. The Arabidopsis Chamber MATC60 offers three tiers with almost 60 ft2 (5.5 m2) of growth area in a 25 ft2 (2.32 m2) footprint. With a growth height of 20 inches (510 mm) above each shelf, the Arabidopsis Chamber MATC60 is ideally suited for Arabidopsis and other short to medium...

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Arabidopsis Chamber MTAC40

Arabidopsis Chamber MTAC40 Arabidopsis Chamber MTAC40 employs a top-mounted refrigeration system. This design minimizes the product footprint, accommodates servicing from the front of the chamber, and simplifies on-site installation. Using two shelves, each with 32 inches (800 mm) of growth height, the Arabidopsis Chamber MTAC40 offers nearly 40 ft2 (3.7 m2) of growth area and accommodates medium to large size plants. This combination of features provides an excellent product for growing Arabidopsis from seed to full maturity, as well as other taller, medium-light plant species....

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Arabidopsis Chamber MTAC26

Arabidopsis Chamber MTAC26 – Multi Tier Reach In Product Overview /Applications for Arabidopsis Chamber The Arabidopsis Chamber MTAC26 offers a small footprint and a low overall height which allows the unit to pass through doorways fully assembled. The interior of the cabinet features two shelves and light canopies with a plant height that is suitable for growing low and medium height plants. This makes the Arabidopsis Chamber MTAC26 an ideal cabinet for growing such species as Arabidopsis from seed to full maturity. Also, the Arabidopsis Chamber MTAC26 is shipped fully assembled...

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Arabidopsis Chamber MTAC10

Arabidopsis chamber MTAC10 Applications Arabidopsis chamber The MTAC Series Arabidopsis chamber is designed for growing Arabidopsis thaliana from seedling to full maturity. The two growing levels within the Arabidopsis chamber provide maximum growing space with the smallest foot print possible. Please contact Meditech with your specific needs for Arabidopsis chamber and our experienced and trained staff will ensure you receive the right product and options for your Arabidopsis chamber application. Construction for Arabidopsis chamber The exterior cabinet of Arabidopsis chamber is free...

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