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Glass bead sterilizers digital

Meditech – Manufacturer & exporter of digital glass bead sterilizers for more than a decade. We have supplied our units to over 26 countries and they are being used by various professionals. Glass Bead Sterilizer is also being used as medical sterilizing equipment, dental sterilizing equipment, biotechnology sterilizing equipment, podiatric sterilizing equipment etc. In continuation to our Glass Bead Sterilizers, Models MT-300, MT-500, MT-1000 and MT-2000, we have developed Models MT-500D, MT-1000D, and MT-2000D – these units are incorporated with a digital temperature...

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Glass Bead Sterilizers – Sterilizer Equipment Manufacturer and Suppliers

Meditech introduce a wide range of glass bead sterilizers in India. These equipment are also named as Glass Bead Tool Sterilizers. This sterilizer is used  for sterilization of dental instruments within 5 to 15 seconds. The unit is compact in size. It gives maximum efficiency for the instrument . The unique feature of fast warms up time is very much useful in dental clinics, surgical theaters and other laboratory application. Further more, the Meditech glass bead sterilizer are more efficient in quick sterilization of glass implements and small metal within few seconds. Meditech is the...

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