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Ice Lined Refrigerator 670 Litres

Ice Lined Refrigerator-670 litres-MTBBR6 Meditech is also a reputed manufacturer of Ice Line refrigerator. Two types are manufactured. (1) Horizontal Ice line Refrigerator (2) Vertical Ice Line Refrigerator Special Features 1. Refrigeration System 1) Microprocessor controlled temperature. 2) The 670L ice lined refrigerator is built with CFC-free polyethylene insulation. 3) Superior refrigeration from optimized evaporator and condenser design. 2. Dual interior layer design features built-in ice packs to keep chamber temperature within 2℃ to 8℃ range in an ambient temperature of no...

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ice lined refrigerator 340 liters

Ice Lined Refrigerator – 340 liters MTBBR4 Meditech ice lined refrigerator minimizes thermal shock. Vaccines are damaged due to sudden exposure of power outage. Due this vaccines are subjected to temperature change.Meditech assures to supply ice lined refrigerators to overcome high and low temperatures issues by providing temperature alarms. Meditech PLC based controllers limit the variation in temperatures in the cabinet to less than 1 degree C. Ice lined refrigerator ensures that there is no freezing inside the vaccine compartment during cold chain operation. There is almost...

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ice lined refrigerator 218 liters

Ice Lined Refrigerator , Model – 218 litres-MTBBR3 Meditech manufactures the most reliable ice lined refrigerator in the world. Meditech refrigerators guarantees never freezing inner chamber from 2 degree to 8 degree centigrade. Research shows that more than 80% vaccines are subjected to thermal shock during cold chain exposure. Meditech uses advance PLC so that there is no temperature variation. High and Low Temperature alarms are available in case of power variation. Inner chamber is made of stainless steel 304 and outer chamber is made up of powder coated mild steel. Meditech...

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Ice Lined Refrigerator 136 liters

Ice Lined Refrigerator – 136 ltrs, 4.8 Cu ft Meditech is one of the largest manufacturer of ice lined refrigerator in India. Ice Lined Refrigerator is used to store vaccine at at pre-determined temperature of 2 to 8 degree c. A vaccine contains an agent that resembles to threat causing micro organism. Hence keeping vaccines at proper defined temperature in refrigerator is important. This can be achieved using meditech ice lined refrigerator All the meditech Ice Lined refrigerator are ISO9001, ISO13485, 14000,CE, WHO-GMP certified. Advance LED based PLC Controller is used to...

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ice lined refrigerator 65 liters

Ice Lined Refrigerator Environmentally friendly Ice Lined refrigerator powered by Meditech Technology for safe storage of vaccines between 2 degree C to 8 degree C. Ice Lined refrigerator is designed to store life saving vaccines. Temperature is maintained between 2 to 8 degree centigrade.Robust and Reliable refrigeration system is the heart of meditech ice lined refrigerator. These refrigerators comes with temperature backup of 24 hours to 72 hours. PLC controllers ensures reliable temperature. Ice Lining and airflow system ensures stable temperature. Digital display of inside...

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