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POLYGRAPH Digital Polygraph-Physiograph

For Teaching Experimental Physiology, Pharmacology, Engineering & Research Features Features RR analysis Merging of Waves Integration of Waves Four channel Lie-Detector Patient Database information Real Time data storage & review facilities Experiments on Animal & Human Subjects Time & Voltage Marking on individual channel Experiments Volumetric Changes Invasive & Non Invasive BP Isometric Force Isotonic Fine Movement ECG, EEG, EMG, ENG, GSR etc Phono Cardiogram Respiration and Temperature Plethysmograph ( Pulse, Heart rate etc) Lessions Electroencephalogram (EEG) : Record...

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Meditech Student digital Physiograph is used for the recording of Bio-Electrical Potentials e.g. EEG,ECG,ENG,EMG,Pulse, Respiration, Blood Pressure etc. It is made of light metal for compactness and lightness. Its performance is outstanding due to adoption of integrated circuits. Features Indigenous Digital Physiograph with time and event channel. Compact light weight and easy to operate by a beginner. Stand alone unit having digital Physiograph has coloured TFT display for displaying online and offline recording data. Systems have sic couplers fitted in as single unit easy to carry. System...

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Digital Kymograph Electrically driven recording drum suitable for use by student for general experiments. Drive mechanism consists of constant speed electric motor and accurate Gear-Box contained in the base together with robust clutch plate. Engagement of various gears ratios are affected by sliding the lever into the slot marked with surface speed 6” dia main cylinder &ball bearing movement S.S. spindles have been standardized to make the same universal & interchangeable. Double electric contact arms are clamped on the main spindles & a stout double contact block...

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