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POLYGRAPH FEATURES Meditech Technologies India Private Limited is the largest Polygraph manufacturer and exporter in India. Meditech Polygraph is a highly sensitive oscillograph capable of recording simultaneous signals in different modes. Z fold ink writing chart paper is used to write from various sources. Meditech Polygraph recorder is used by medical professionals for recording of Bio-electric potential like EEG, ECG, B.P., Pulses. It also used In varoius industries for recording pressure, vibrations and temperature. The precise construction of assembly allows custom tailored performance....

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Single & Three (2+1) Channel Easy to operate-even by a beginner Designed on the concept of couples for specific recordings High sensitive Rugged Versatile Accurate Reliable Low Cost Time & Event Channel (Optional) STUDENT PHYSIOGRAPH is used for the recording of Bio-Electrical Potential e.g. EEG, ECG, ENG, EMG, Pulse, Respiration, Blood Pressure etc. It is made of light metal for compactness and lightness. Its performance is outstanding due to adoption of integrated circuits. Each unit is so designed that a trouble free, simple and precise operation is possible. Appearance is very...

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Digital Kymograph Electrically driven recording drum suitable for use by student for general experiments. Drive mechanism consists of constant speed electric motor and accurate Gear-Box contained in the base together with robust clutch plate. Engagement of various gears ratios are affected by sliding the lever into the slot marked with surface speed 6” dia main cylinder &ball bearing movement S.S. spindles have been standardized to make the same universal & interchangeable. Double electric contact arms are clamped on the main spindles & a stout double contact block...

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