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Plant Growth Room MCG

Plant Grow Room MCG The Plant Growth Room MCG series of walk-in chambers provides an outstanding growth area-to-footprint ratio. Upward airflow is delivered using Meditech’s Uni-floor system allowing plants to be distributed throughout the entire floor area. These Plant Growth Room are typically used for both short and tall plant applications requiring moderate to high level light intensities. Plant Growth Room Multiple lamp canopies enable researchers to vary the distance from the light sources to research specimens. Temperature uniformity is assured via an upward airflow pattern...

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Plant Growth Room MGR

Plant Growth Room MGR The MGR series of plant growth room , available in six standard sizes, is a highly economical platform for providing a controlled environment in a walk-in configuration. This series of chamber offers low to moderate level light intensities using multiple light canopies. The temperature range is narrower than on other Meditech plant growth room which affords greater energy efficiency and economy. The multi lamp canopy configuration enables researchers to have several experiments running simultaneously with plants at varying levels of maturity plant growth...

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Plant Growth Room MBDW

Plant Growth Room MBDW The Plant Growth Room BDW series walk-in chamber is based on a modular platform available in increments of 40 ft2 (3.7 m2). Plant Growth Room offer a precise chamber environment typical of research involving C4 high-light plants grown to maturity. Unique to this Plant Growth Room is the top-down airflow pattern which ensures consistent plant canopy temperatures throughout the chamber. Spectral aluminum on the interior walls produces exceptional light uniformity, while the discreet lamp loft area uses a separate cooling system to mitigate heat produced by the...

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Plant Growth Room MTPS

Plant Growth Room MTPS Plant Growth Room MTPS provides a multi-tier chamber based on a modular platform and is available in increments of 72 ft2 (6.6 m2). This Plant Growth Room configuration is often used for research involving C3 and similar low light, short plants. This makes the Plant Growth Room ideal for use in mass-screening projects and for sizeable plant propagation programs. Pressurized and perforated side-wall plenums deliver air across each of three independently lit tiers integrated into fixed shelving banks on either side of a center aisle way. Download Plant...

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