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Plant Growth Chamber

Plant Growth Chamber, MT52

Key Product Attributes plant growth chamber

• Plant Growth Chamber is Designed for Floor Model installation
•Small footprint, yet can accommodate full-size plants
•Standard lighting provides a broad based light spectrum at medium intensity
•Shipped fully assembled – fits through standard Doorways
•Product certifications/markings; (NRTL), CE

Product Overview/Applications

Meditech’s MT52 plant growth chamber is a compact yet highly configurable unit that is suitable for a wide variety of research and teaching programs. As a Floor Model design Meditech s Plant growth Chamber , it is easily accessed at standard bench heights and can be ordered with a bench kit complete with casters. The Plant growth chamber accommodates a 29” (740mm) growth height with 7 ft2 (0.6m2) of growth area. This facilitates growing a wide range of plants, including plant growth to maturity. Please consult Meditech regarding specific requirements of plant growth chamber.

The standard lighting system on the MT52 plant growth chamber  provides a broad based light spectrum for plant growth using a combination of fluorescent and incandescent lamps. The lamps of plant growth chamber are housed within a barriered canopy which reduces heat transfer to the growth area. Excess heat in the canopy is ventilated to ambient. Standard light intensity is 400 micromoles/m2/s which is measured by a quantum light meter and transmitted to the controller for user readout. Standard lighting control provides two light levels per lamp type in plant growth chamber.

Airflow for the MT52 is distributed uniformly upward using Meditech’s innovative Uni-floor air distribution plenum. The plant growth chamber includes fresh air intake and exhaust which are adjustable to allow up to 10 ft3/min (0.28m3/min.) of air exchange.

Refrigeration in plant growth chamber

Cooling on the plant growth chamber MT52 model is provided by a self contained air cooled condensing unit with hot gas bypass for continuous compressor operation. An electronic modulating valve provides tight temperature control while ensuring quiet operation of plant growth chamber. Pressure transducers are included for monitoring the status of the refrigeration system. Alternative refrigeration methods are available depending on site specific and/or user-defined requirements of Plant growth Chamber

Experiment Protection of plant growth chamber

User programmable “set and forget” alarms track the chamber’s operation versus user-defined set points . This allows for exceptionally accurate monitoring without the need for adjustment every time the set point is redefined. Backup “high/ low” alarms provide a further level of protection while visual and audible notification is provided when any alarm is activated in plant growth chamber. Contacts for connection to a building management system are also included on request in plant growth chamber


Performance Data of Plant growth Chamber

TemperatureRange (°C) InteriorCapacity GrowthArea  GrowthHeight Exterior Dimensions(WxDxH) Light Intensities(6in. from lamp) ElectricalService Weight
-2°C to +40°C Lights Off 17ft³ 7ft2 29″ 54″ x 27.25″ x 53 400 μmoles/m2/s 120-1Ø-60Hz 580lb.
+5°C to +45°C Lights On 480L 0.65m2 740mm 1375 x 695 x 1350 (mm) @ 25ºC 220-1Ø-50Hz 263kg


1.0 Control System:                        Meditech 7 inch Touch Screen Controller


2.0 Construction: (Note: All dimensions are nominal)


2.1 Exterior Dimensions:                54″W x 27.25″D x 53.25″H (1375mmW x 695mmD x 1350mmH).

2.2 Interior Dimensions:                 41″W x 24.25″D x 33″H (1040mmW x 615mmD x 840mmH).

2.3 Floor:                                         Perforated aluminum channel floor for uniform upward air flow – Uni-floor.

2.4 Growth Area:                            7ft2 (0.65m2).

2.5 Growth Capacity:                      17ft³ (480 liters).

2.6 Growth Height:                         29″ (740mm) from Uni-floor to the barrier.

2.7 Exterior Finish:                          Blue-green enamel baked on patterned aluminum.

2.8 Interior Finish:                           Reflective white enamel baked on smooth aluminum.

2.9 Cabinet Construction:                Bonded panelling using CFC-free insulation.

2.10 Door:                                        One reach-in door with keyed magnetic lock, clear opening 19.75″W x 24.75″H

(500mmW x 630mmH).

2.11 Observation Window:              Dual pane with light tight cover 11″ x 15″ (280mm x 380mm).

2.12 Shelf:                                        Stainless Steel resistant wire adjustable on 0.5″ (12mm) centers.

2.13 Instrument Ports:                      Two ports, 1″ (25mm) with light tight caps.

2.14 Packaging:                                Factory assembled, tested and fully crated.


3.0 Lighting:


3.1 Intensity1:                                  400 micromoles/m²/s (higher light intensities are optional)

3.2 Programming and Control:        Independent, 2 level programming of each light type.

3.3 Lamps:                                       Balanced spectrum for plant growth using T8 fluorescent and tungsten  incandescent


3.4 Lamp Fixture:                            Separated from the growth area by a transparent barrier. Barrier is hinged for easy

lamp access from inside the growth area.

3.5 Lamp Heat:                                The air within the lamp canopy is force-ventillated to ambient.

3.6 Ballasts:                                     High efficiency electronic and easily accessible.

3.7 Light Meter:                               Quantum light meter for display and recording of light output.


4.0 Temperature Control: (Maximum design ambient temperature is +35°C)


4.1 Range:                                      +4°C to +45°C lights OFF, +10°C to +45°C lights ON.

4.2 Control 2:                                 ±0.5°C, at control point.

4.3 Temperature Safety Limits:

Primary: A programmable min and max temperature limit alarm or a limit tracking

alarm that automatically follows the programmed set point.

Secondary: An independent factory-set high and low temperature limit is also

provided for increased assurance.

An audible alarm is standard for both limits. Activation of temperature safety limit set points turns off power to the chamber.



PROGRAMMING Can be modified according to customers requirements
UPS Uninterrupted PowerSupply Surge protection and uninterrupted power supply, on controller only, for continuous operation of the controller during power interruptions, duration of the UPS is approx. 15 minutes. (Consult factory for increased duration, if required.)
HL High Light Intensity of 550 micromoles/m²/s using fluorescent and tungsten incandescent lamps. Note: Amperage increases, consult factory.
HUMIDITY (Based on +21°C and 50% RH ambient condition)
DHS Dry Humidity Sensor Dry Electronic Sensor that directly measures and displays relative humidity in %RH by means of constant display (Not required if ordering additive humidity control option.)
SNH Spray NozzleHumidification Range: Up to 90% RH lights OFF and 85% RH lights ON, limited by a +25°C maximum dewpoint. Additive humidity through use of spray nozzles. Range given in an empty chamber. Chamber may achieve higher levels with plant loading.Control: ±3% RH. System uses a dry humidity sensor to directly measure humidity in %RH (no wet sock).Spray nozzles require a 60 psi (4.2 bar) pressure and must besupplied with clean water to the following specification; pH = 7.0 ± 0.5, filtration <2 microns (0.00008 in) and resistivity between 0.5 and 1.0 Meg Ohms. Maximum water usage to maintain specified levels is 2 liters/hr. If the above water pressure is not available the CPSNH option is required to supply necessary pressure.
CPSNH Compact Pump SprayNozzle Humidification Compact pump and reservoir for spray nozzles. Order this option with SNH if the minimum 60 psi (4.2 bar) water pressure is not available. Supplies pressurized water for up to 12 nozzles
RES Reservoir Pressure reservoir at downstream chambers. Must be ordered for all downstream chambersfed from CPSNH.
Carbon Dioxide Additive Control
CO2 Carbon Dioxide Package includes gas analyzer, control valve, and injection system. Additive Control CO2 tank not included.