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Digital Kymograph

Electrically driven recording drum suitable for use by student for general experiments. Drive mechanism consists of constant speed electric motor and accurate Gear-Box contained in the base together with robust clutch plate. Engagement of various gears ratios are affected by sliding the lever into the slot marked with surface speed 6” dia main cylinder &ball bearing movement S.S. spindles have been standardized to make the same universal & interchangeable. Double electric contact arms are clamped on the main spindles & a stout double contact block is full on top of the base. Provided with leveling screws. Provision for extension arm , or upright or long paper extension is made on the drum base.


Overall Height : 22” (55 cm.)

Housing Body : 9.5” x 7” x 7” (240 x170 x 170 mm )

Weight : 7.5 Kg.

Speeds : 0.12 , 0.25, 1.25, 2.5, 12.5, 25.0, 320.0, 640.0 mm/sec. can be obtained with 6″ dia cylinder.


KYMOGRAPH Accessories:

Electrical Recording drum & speed cylinder made of light aluminum sheet, complete with clamping nut.

Size: (a) 6″x6″ (b) 12″x6”

2. Adjustable Stand: As palmer D-2 with 3\8” x 15” upright

3. Tuning Fork: N-100 with stem & stylus

4. Dubois Reymond Key: Vulcanite base fitted with bright C.P. Brass Parts & table clamp

5. Simple Electrode: With coppers wire pole sheathed in vulcanite

6. Drum Paper Clip: Enabling the paper to remain fixed with chance of slipping

7. Crank Myograph Starling: With Double Clamp & Fork, with cork top size 6”x4” complete with myograph lever.

8. Muscle switch assembly with electronic stimulator.

9. Smoking Burner: Gas operated.

10. Operation Table:For small animals size.

11. Lucas Muscle Trough: Complete with selves electrodes & adjustable muscle clamp.

12. Brodie Universal Lever: The axle is screwed has two nuts between which the interchangeable levers are centered while screwing up the central screw. The stem screws into the head in various positions with adjustable spring support, one plain lever, one notched lever with hole & one short lever

13. Heart Lever Starting: Nickeled framed. Nickeled Silver Spring. Notched Steel Lever

14. Myograph Lever: With after load screw & fixing nuts to fit any myograph

15. Student Tambous: 400 mm tie on diaphragm S.S Capillary lever

16. Time Maker: Electrical, Double Magnet

(a) Single Maker (b) Double Maker

17. Heart Clip: Made of S.S.

18. Extensionfor Long Paper: Takes paper upto 2meters in length consist of bar upon with one 6”x3” cylinder slides. . The forks arm is only to be slipped over the drum by to fix it in remain position. Leveling screws for accurate alignment with drum.

19. X-Block: Standard with 9 mm. & 6mm. hole.

20. X-Block: Open Sided To hold rods 3mm. to 13mm. Dia,

convenient in use.

21. Simple Key: Switch type with vulcanite base.

22. Muscle Clamp: With fine serration with 9mm. Hole.

23. Muscle &Heart Chamber: Combined.

24. Artery Forcipes, Frogs’ Pitting Needle, Perfusion Funnel, Cannula, Murphy drip.

25. Thermostatic organ bath complete with organ tube, frontal lever &oxygen tube, Aerator.

26. Hook & Weight Set : 11 gm, 55 gm, 110 gm.

27. Frog Board for Dissection: 9”x6” with elastic bands in corners.

(a) Without Clamp (b) With Clamp