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Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate

Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate – High Temperature Hot Plates

Meditech is the largest manufacturer of Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate in India. Meditech offer a wide range. The Lab magnetic stirrer used in lab are known for heavy duty and robust construction. The hot plate magnetic stirrer is manufactured using stainless steel.

Features of Meditech Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate are:

1. DC motor with High toqrue at lower speed
2. Stirrer with stainless steel plate
3. Excellent speed control
4. Good result even with a low volume of liquid.
5. Drain outlet with spillage collection tray

Technical Specs of Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer:

Stirring quantity of water: 5 lit.
Speed setting range in rpm : From 100 to 1000 rpm.
Temperature range in Deg C : 3200 degree C
Dimension (w x d x h) : 191 x 221 x 181
Stirrer Paddle : 10 x 34 mm
Electrical Supply : 230 volt DC, 50 Hz single phase