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co2 incubator

CO2 Incubator manufactured by Meditech Technology for safe cell testing and tissue culture of specimens in vitro

European CE Certified Products Presafe DGM897

Touch Screen and PLC based CO2 Incubator.

To imitate the process in living organism in vitro.

Inbuilt USB and Data logger.

21 CFR Part 11 Ready Software.

Web Based Software (SAIFIN53) – Remote Management.

25 years of knowledge, expertise and experience.


Technical Specifications:

CO2 Incubator

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Features of 21 CFR part 11 CO2 incubator

(a) 21 CFR part 11 USFDA compliant software with validation documents.

(b) Multi level security password with aging and history.

(c) Electronic signature.

(d) Secured audit Trail.

(e) GSM alarm system for mobile alert.

(f) Web based Ethernet and WIFI online remote monitoring.

(g)Data of door access security system in software with remote options.

(h)All the events, utility, working status, all the alarms are logged in the software.

(i)Reports of mean Kinetic Temperature Reading.

(j)Records in graphical and in tabular form.

(k)Complete with extensive DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ protocols as per the International guidelines along with calibration certificates.

(l)Works on 230V AC single phase 50Hz (country specific).


Remote CO2 Incubator Management – Web Based Software (SAIFIN53)

Access Anywhere Anytime!! Around the Globe

Instantly connect and control your CO2 incubator without installing software. Meditech SAIFIN53 software has gained popularity among operators for its reliability and ease. SAIFIN53 is available remotely via a web browser using internet facility. SAIFIN53 is designed to meet the increasing demands for improved efficiency. This web based software also adds extra capabilities of data logging, user-configuration and features of all alarm notifications via Email and SMS.


(a) Eliminate the need for multiple software Qualifications and installations.

(b) Web based software accessible through browser.

(c)Compatible with server based Operating system, Windows7/8/9/10 and Android .

(d)Ensure one-time software installation on your plants server and access the software anytime, anywhere through a web browser from any Desktop or Laptop (same LAN Network).

(e)View Status, take printouts or execute any of your tasks from anywhere.

(f)Department wise segregation of users, equipment & Data.

(g) Harmonization of reporting format (header,footer,etc) and other such operations through the plant.

(h)Centralized user defined Alarms,alerts and Notifications through SMS & emails.

(i)Configure the type & number of alarms to be sent via email and SMS & configure delay time.

(j)Running time calculation of MKT and Moving Average.

(k)Component running hours to determine the shelf-life of major components.

(l)Real-time display of all connected equipment in single screen.

(m)Automatic data backup facility.

(n)System Diagnosis for troubleshooting via Team Viewer.

(o)Ethernet communication with chambers.

(p)Complying US FDA 21 CFR Part11

Key Features of CO2 Incubator Software

(1) A Truly innovative data handling and communication options.

(2)Plug and Play fashion via Ethernet to connect local or plant networked PC or Laptop.

(3)One can view LIVE system parameters and historical graphs as well as receive alarms, reports, data log files over email.

(4)Settings with just a standard browser.

(5)Access live or stored data remotely within the facility (LAN network) of from anywhere in the world.


(1) CO2 Incubator is manufactured on fully automatic CNC machines thereby giving consistency in performance and aesthetic look.

(2) CFC Free PUF insulation on automatic machine for better accuracy of Temperature and Humidity.

(3)Important controlling factors of CO2 Incubator are Temperature, Humidity and Carbon dioxide. In Addition, Meditech also provides controlling features for Oxygen and Nitrogen.

(4) Full view observation of glass door, chamber illumination and stainless steel perforated trays.

(5)Accuracy, Uniformity, Reliability and Economy.

(6)The CO2 Incuabtor is manufactured as per the cGMP Regulations and designed for low electrical and water consumption.

(7)Stand by Heating system, Stand by CO2 sytem and stand by humidity system is provided on request.


(1) The CO2 incubator is provided with safety cut offs and alarms at centrally located places.

(2) Dedicated Safety system to shut off the humidity system, CO2 system and incubator shut down in case of overshoot or undershoot of temperature or humidity or CO2 with audio visual alarm.

(3) Thermostatic safety system is provided as an additional safety feature.

(4)Low water level cut off for humidity system.

(5)Door open alarm.

(6) All the alarms and events are logged in the software.




Features of CO2 Incubator Controller

(1) Microprocessor based 7 inch Touch Screen PID controller.

(2) Auto tuning for accurate control of temperature and humidity conditions.

(3) Printer interface facility to store data and to print it directly on a printer.

(4) Direct % RH electronic capacitor type humidity sensor.

(5) Online connection of Touch screen to Computer via Ethernet using TCP IP Protocol for online mapping purpose and data logging.

(6)A PLC system for an auto changeover of standby systems and other event logging and monitoring purpose.

(7) GSM mobile alert module to give malfunction SMS on mobiles simultaneously

(8)Door Access Security System with smart cards and bio-metrics.

(9)Network connectivity via Ethernet for web based online remote monitoring.

(10) Utility management system provided for continuous machines operations and cross checks.


Meditech patented ultrasonic humidifier MHumid® maintains accurate humidity inside the chamber. Within few seconds the humidity is maintained inside the chamber unlike conventional steam heating system. 95% more efficient than steam heating . Thus saving 95% of electricity


Technical Data Of CO2 Incubator

(1) Standard Model(S): Inside S.S.304 & Outside Galvannealed Powder Coated mild steel.

(2) GMP Model(G): Inside S.S. 316 with mirror polish & outside with SS 304 matt buff.

(3) Temp. Range /Accuracy: 5°C above ambient to 60°C /± 0.2°C

(4) Temp Uniformity : ± 1°C.

(5) Humidity Range and Accuracy : 40% to 95 % RH and ± 2% RH.

(6) Humidity Uniformity : ± 3% RH.

(7)Carbon dioxide Range and accuracy : 0 – 20% of CO2

(8) CO2 Uniformity  : ± 1%  

(9) O2 Range and accuracy : 0 to 21% and  ± 0.1% (10) O2 uniformity : ± 1%

About Meditech CO2 Incubator

CO2 incubator
Co2 incubator is used to imitate the process in living organism for several weeks. This is called in vitro. Cells and tissue cultures are grown in an environment as natural as living body. Cell and tissue cultivation takes place in a device called co2 incubator. Important controlling factors are Temperature, Humidity and Carbon dioxide. In Addition, Meditech also provides controlling features for Oxygen and Nitrogen
Two types of CO2 incubator are widely used. (1) Water Jacketed CO2 incubator  and  (2) Direct Heat CO2 incubator also called Air Jacketed CO2 incubator.
Meditech manufactures co2 incubators in the range of 90 to 340 Litres. Temperature range from  5°C above ambient to 60°C    and     -5ºC to +60ºC.
The Interior of Meditech CO2 incubator is made of corrosion free stainless steel 1.4301 according to ASTM 304 Standard. The interior is additional polished to prevent germs from settling and to make cleaning easier using electrolytic process. An inner transparent door is also equipped to observe the culture and specimen without affecting the atmosphere built inside during testing conditions.
Regulating air humidity
Normal temperature inside Meditech CO2 incubator is around 37°C. The Humidity is also maintained inside the incubator without condensation in a controlled manner. This humidification and de-humidification cycle is controlled with the help of refrigeration and steam heating system. Ultrasonic humidifier is also implemented on demand. Only sterile water humidifies the chamber and the samples in specific doses. Meditech follows DIN 12880:2007-05 so that chamber quickly reaches the required humidity level after the door is opened and closed.
Heating the CO2 chamber
Maintaining precise atmosphere inside CO2 incubator is most essential to protect the samples and to get best results out of experiments. Hence Meditech uses air circulation systems which are free of turbulence.
Meditech manufactures CO2 incubators which are supported by heated air jacket and water jacket for ensuring even temperature distribution, temperature stability, rapid recovery time after the door has been opened and temperature fluctuations during power failure.
Meditech also manufactures CO2 incubator chambers without a jacket of air and water. Herein the chamber is heated uniformly from all six sides surrounding it. In This form of direct heating, a high degree of accuracy is maintained.

Sterilisation and decontamination
CO2 incubator must be sterilized before a new load to avoid cross contamination.  In addition to cleaning Meditech has developed various technologies for effective results.
Following options are available for sterilization of Meditech CO2 incubator
1.    Sterilization of interior  with UV light
2.    HEPA Air Filters
3.    Decontamination using damp heat 90°C to 95°C and decontaminate for several hours at 120 °C
4.    Hot air sterilization between 160 °C and 180 °C. This is also recognized as a safe procedure.
DAB 10, The German pharmacopeia ,a collection of recognized pharmaceutical rules for quality, dispensing, labeling, testing and storage of drugs and the substances of legally binding character that are used in their production, stipulates the following references for the duration of sterilization.
Some appliances allow sterilisation of the interior with UV light, others provide permanent air filtering. Air filters such as HEPA filters require additional resources of time and money, since they need to be replaced.
Hot air at 180 °C: At least 30 minutes
Hot air at 170 °C: At least 1 hour
Hot air at 160 °C: At least 2 hours
A further quality criterion for modern CO2 incubators is the option of decontaminating or sterilizing the interior, including fittings and sensors.

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