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DC Compressor India Price Online Manufacturer

Meditech Technologies India Pvt Ltd is the Only manufacturer of DC Compressor in India. DC Compressor is used in Solar Refrigerator and Solar Freezer.

Testing condition:
Evaporating Temp -23.3℃ Suction Temp 32.2℃
Condensing Temp 54.4℃ Sub cooling Temp 32.2℃
Ambient Temp 32.2℃ testing voltage 12VDC

This compressor motor runs on DC brushless motor. When you use this controller , You must be properly connect with compressor. Connection as below:

1. Controller must be directly connected with DC power supply①,connect the plug to + and minus to -,otherwise the electronic unit won’t work.
2. (12VDC)7.5A (24VDC)For protection of installation ,fuse② must be connected with positive wire and close to power supply .15A fuse for 12VDC, 7.5A fuse for 24VDC are recommended.
3. If a main switch ③ is used, the rated current shall be min 20A.
4. In order to avoid excessive voltage change caused by the controller to protect,don’t add other circuit in the circuit.
5. A 10mA light emitting diode④ can be connected between the terminals + and D.The number of flashed depends on what kind of operational error was recorded.Each flash will last 1/5second.If the launch failure each interval 60 seconds to try to start again,till launch successfully.
6. Radiating fan⑤ is connected between + and F. Since the output voltage is always regulated to 12V,a 12V fan must be used for both 12V and 24V power supply systems. Fan current protection is 1A,it is recommended to use no more than 5W fan.
7. Thermostat switch⑥is connected between C and T.It control compressor start and stop.
8. Speed regulation resistor⑦is connected between C and T.It adjust resistor value to change the speed of compressor. Compressor speed range is 2000rpm~3500rpm,the relation of speed regulation resistor⑦and speed as below:
Power protection resistor⑧ is connected between C and P. Different resistor value change battery voltage protection setting. The relation of battery voltage protection resistor setting and power protection resistor⑧ is as below:
Controller automatically adjusts to the applied voltage.If power voltage is less than 17V,the controller will work in 12VDC system. If power voltage is more than 17V,the controller will work in 24VDC system.If a 220KΩ resistor is connected between C and P, compressor work voltage range will be extended to 9.6V~31.5V.

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