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Solar Plasma Freezer

Solar Plasma Freezer

European CE Certified Products Presafe DGM897

Alarms –12 Types Audi0 Visual
Touch Screen and PLC Based Controller
Battery Backup-48 Hours
Cooling Backup – 24 Hours in case of power failure
Inbuilt USB and Data Logger
Real Time Clock and Calendar Setting

Meditech is the largest manufacturer of Solar Plasma Freezer in India and has various awards for efficient design by ISHRAE. Meditech has supplied First Solar based Plasma Freezer to World Health Organization in SUDAN.

Solar Plasma Freezer is available in different sizes and combinations right from -20 degree to -86 degree C. Meditech Solar Plasma Freezer are robustly designed for extreme tropic conditions upto 45 degree C. Advance Dedicated Digital Micro Controller based PLC system is used for controlling various functions of Refrigerator. Video and Audio Alarm is inbuilt for Lower and higher temperature ranges.

Meditech is exporter of solar plasma freezer in India since last two decades. Solar plasma freezer are conceptualized and designed to meet the challenging requirements of modern day blood banks.  efficiently conserve whole blood and its derivatives.Meditech Blood Bank Equipment such as solar plasma freezer are renowned for long trouble free operation.

Solar plasma Freezer is made up of special air craft alloy steel for maximum strength and light weight. Inside area is constructed using stainless steel. CFC free poly urethane is used for insulation. We specialize in standard and customize sizes designed to meet various requirements as per OEM across the globe.

Super-insulated cabinets feature 11cm of polyurethane insulation with powder-coated galvanized steel exterior and stainless interior. A zero-maintenance, brushless, thermostatically controlled DC compressor operates on 12 or 24 VDC. A patented low-frost system reduces frost and moisture build up for low maintenance.

Ordering Info for -20 Degree Solar Plasma Freezer

Model MTPF01 MTPF02 MTPF03
Capacity 180 Litre 350 Litre 650 Litre

Ordering Info for -40 Degree Solar Plasma Freezer

Model MTDF01 MTDF02 MTDF03
Capacity 180 Litre 350 Litre 650 Litre

Ordering Info for -86 Degree Plasma Freezer

Model MTUD01 MTUD02 MTUD03
Capacity 180 Litre 350 Litre 650 Litre

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