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Solar Refrigerator

solar refrigerator, environmental chamber, humidity chamber, plant growth chamber, laboratory freezer, ultra low freezer

Solar Refrigerators has gained popularity because these solar appliances are particularly useful on RV and boating trips as well as for isolated locations such as cabins and are very good for aid work or emergency relief. We have a range of  solar refrigerators and solar freezer of varying sizes to suit your needs. Due to remote locations and inaccessible energy supply, researchers and aid workers are faced with storage challenges in safely storing food supplies, agricultural products, medical supplies and freezing products. Meditech solar fridges and solar freezers come in different capacity that will meet specific storage requirements. when out on assignment in remote locations. solar powered refrigerator and solar freezers can be configured for residential or commercial field applications.

Solar appliances can also be used at home and industry. They are particularly useful on RV, boating trips, recreational storage and as well as for isolated locations such as camping trips and cabins. We have sold several solar refrigerators that have been used in foreign countries in which an electrical outlet may be many miles away. Solar fridges and ultra low freezer give you the convenience of home without the trouble of a noisy generator. The solar fridges and solar feezers that we carry are sold either separately as can be configured in a system.