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Ice Lined Refrigerator 136 liters

Ice Lined Refrigerator – 136 ltrs, 4.8 Cu ft

Meditech is one of the largest manufacturer of ice lined refrigerator in India. Ice Lined Refrigerator is used to store vaccine at at pre-determined temperature of 2 to 8 degree c. A vaccine contains an agent that resembles to threat causing micro organism. Hence keeping vaccines at proper defined temperature in refrigerator is important. This can be achieved using meditech ice lined refrigerator

All the meditech Ice Lined refrigerator are ISO9001, ISO13485, 14000,CE, WHO-GMP certified. Advance LED based PLC Controller is used to maintain Temperature. Accuracy of 0.1 degree C can be set in the controller of ILR.

A temperature backup of 24 to 72 hours is provided with the help of special ice lining. This ice lining is made up of Phase Change Material. A digital controlling back up is provided for 72 hours with the help of rechargeable battery in case of power failure.

High and low temperature alarms of ice lined refrigerator ensures damage to vaccines during power failure. Meditech ILR comes with Date setting, Time setting, High Temperature Alarm, Low Temperature Alarm, Hysterisis
and Compressor Delay.

Children are recommended to receive vaccinations as soon as their immune systems are sufficiently developed to respond to particular vaccines to provide best protection. Therefore ice lined refrigerators are widely used by World Health Organization.


Ice Lined Refrigerator 136 litres features

Reliable temperature between +2°C to +8°COnly 8 hrs. of electricity needed per 24 hrs. at 43°C AMBSelf-regulating cooling system
Air flow system in vaccine compartmentExternal cabinet and internal liner pre-painted galvanized steelCooling coil of copper
CFC-free refrigerant and insulationCompressor made for use in the tropicsSolid lid with handle and lock
5 baskets for organized storageAvailable in 220V-240V 50/60Hz + 115V 60HzDelivered in solid, wooden crate

PLC Based Controller

LIVE Data logger
LED INDICATIONUser Friendly Settings
1.Line In
2.Incoming Voltage
3.Ambient Temperature
3.Comp On
3.High Temp Alarm
4.Time in hours of revolution chart
4.Heater On
4. Low Temp Alarm
5.Current Date
5.Battery On5. Hysteresis
6.Current Time
6.Battery Low6. Compressor Delay
7.Battery Voltage
7.Temperature High
8.Temperature Low
9.Sensor Fail
10.Power Fail
11.Chart Change
12.System On

Gross volume, litres(cu. ft.)136 (4.8)
Net volume, litres (cu. ft.)75 (2.6)
Temperature range, C°+2 to +8
Hold-over time during power cut at 43°C AMB, hrs24
Power consumption per 24h, kWh1.89
No. of baskets5
Height, mm (inches)840 (33.1)
Width, mm (inches)920 (36.2)
Depth, mm (inches)700 (27.6)
Gross weight, kg (lbs)102 (225)
Net weight, kg (lbs)78 (172)
Qty. per 20' container36
Qty. per 40 container72

Ice Lined Refrigerator – Model Selection Guide

ModelGross VolumeheightwidthDepthpower
per 24 hrs

64 Ltrs, 2.3 Cu ft840 (33.1) 720 (28.3)700 (27.6)2.30 kWH

136 ltrs, 4.8 Cu ft840 (33.1) 700 (27.6)920 (36.2) 1.89 kWH

218 ltrs, 7.7 Cu Ft840 (33.1)700 (27.6)1260 (49.6) 3.20 kWH

340 ltrs, 12.0 Cu ft650(25.6)1650(65.0)855(33.7)2.13 kWH