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Blood Bank Refrigerator Manufacturer India

Blood Bank Refrigerator Manufacturer and exporter In India

European CE Certified Products Presafe DGM897

Alarms of Blood Bank Refrigerator –12 Types
Touch Screen and PLC Based Controller
Battery Backup-48 Hours
Cooling Backup – 24 Hours in case of power and technical failure
Inbuilt USB and Data Logger
Real Time Clock and Calendar Setting

Various Types of Blood Bank Refrigerator manufactured by Meditech are

(1) Vertical Blood Bank Refrigerator
(2) Double Door Vertical Blood Bank Refrigerator
(3) Horizontal Blood Bank Refrigerator
(4) Solar Blood Bank Refrigerator

Blood Bank Refrigerator Manufacturer

Blood Bank Refrigerator Manufacturer

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Features of Meditech Blood Bank Refrigerator

Stable Temperature Control
Temperature is controlled by two sensors located in the liquid-loaded monitor bottles.Two thermistor sensors constantly monitor the temperature in both the upper and the lower part of chamber. Microprocessor control ensures the most accurate temperature control available.                      Refrigeration System
Heavy-duty, air-cooled refrigeration system with non-CFC R134A refrigerant is used.It provides high efficiency and is environmentally friendly.
Forced air circulation maintains chamber uniformity of ±1°C and provides quick recovery after door openings.
No defrost cycle required to maintain constant temperature.
Auto condensate evaporation is standard
Evaporator fan(s) shut off during door openings to maintain stable temperatures.
Temperature Variations Prevented
The Meditech BBR Series is designed to minimize cold air loss  even with frequent door openings. Separated transparent inner doors minimize the chamber air leakage during door  openings.Foamed-in-place insulation in the walls and magnetic sealed outer doors with double-pane glass window prevent chamber air leakage and promote complete  door  closings. Large and Forced  air circulation fan enables rapid temperature recovery after door openings.
User Friendly Design
Interior LED lamp with ON/OFF switch and a large view window in the outer door provide a clear view of stored items.
Eye Level Digital display is easy to see, and is calibratable through the control panel.
Filterless construction eliminates bothersome filter cleaning