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Lab Centrifuge

Lab Centrifuge

Meditech is the largest Lab Centrifuge manufacturer and exporter in India. Lab centrifuge are extensively used in used Laboratories, research centers and Blood Banks. Meditech lab centrifuge is fitted with digital speed controller and Timer. Speed can be adjusted and regulated with help of knob. Maximum speed obtainable is 5000 RPM. The Bowl is made up of special light aircraft aluminium alloy for rigidity. The Bowl is covered with the help of cover for protection. The centrifuge stops automatically if there is accidental opening of Lid cover during operation.


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Features  of Lab Centrifuge :

  • Lab Centrifuge is Electrically operated and Works on 230/50Hz volts
  • Speed regulation is possible using rotational knob
  • Attractive enamel bacteria resistant powder coated finishing of Lab Centrifuge
  • Meditech Lab Centrifuge works on brushless motor with 5000 R.P.M
  • Rotor : swing out head and angle design
  • Tubes : 4 tubes, 8 tubes and 12 tubes configuration.

Meditech laboratory centrifuge is a lab equipment, powered by a motor to spin liquid samples at different speeds. Meditech manufactures different types of centrifuge based on size and sample.
The lab centrifuge works on sedimentation principle. The centrifugal force exerted separates the greater and lesser density liquid.

Meditech manufactures different types of laboratory centrifuges:

Clinical centrifuges
Multipurpose high-speed centrifuges
Meditech centrifuges, rotors and accessories help to achieve outstanding performance and reliability in the lab. Range starts from micro to benchtop and Floor models. All the models offer exceptional quality and consistency in the results.

With Meditech centrifuge, the lab is a place of peace of mind with faster processing, world class service and durability. The meditech lab centrifuge is found in all laboratories , academic , clinical and research institutes to study sub cellular organelles, viruses, cells, proteins and nucleic acid.There are multiple types of centrifuge.There are many varieties available for the researcher.