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Rabbit Cage With Portable Trolley

Meditech Technologies India Pvt. Ltd is the largest seller and exporter of Rabbit Cage With Portable Trolley manufactured by Meditech

This cage is same as that of Rabbit Cage (Standard Type) in all dimensions and features, only difference is that, on top of each cage, S.S. square pipe of 20mm x 20mm x 16swg of height 25mm is fixed on top four corners. S.S. square pipe of 12mm x 12mmx 16swg of height 30mm is fixed on four bottom corners of each cage.

In this system, one Rabbit Cage is placed on a portable trolley specially designed for this system. On this rabbit cage, one can place second Rabbit cage simply by inserting the legs of second Rabbit Cage in the square pipes provided on the top side of bottom Rabbit Cage. Similarly the process will follow up to 4 cages.

The total system will now be- Bottom cage on a portable trolley and above bottom cage more 3 Rabbit Cages leading to finally a Four Rabbit Cage system with trolley without need of complete trolley or rack.

Each Rabbit Cage Size: 600mm x 450mm x 450mm (L x W x H) (exclusive of legs and top holders)

Portable trolley: Made of 25mmx25mmx16swg S.S. square pipe. Provided with four number of 4” castor wheels. Overall Dimensions are- 850mmx465mmx800mm (LXWXH)

Rabbit Cage With Portable Trolle y - Orde ring Information

Each Rabbit Cage with Portable Trolley System RBPT-S-01 will have :



Accessories Supplied

Rabbit Cage Standard Model


S.S. 304 cage with square pipe on top four corners for stacking with floor grill, excreta tray, food hopper, water bottle

Portable Trolley for above


Trolley with castorwheels

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