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Plasma Extractor Expressor Manufacturer India

Plasma Expressor Extractor Manufacturer

Meditech is the largest manufacturer and exporter of Plasma Extractor in India.
The Plasma extractor is designed for separation of blood components from the blood bag.

Plasma Extractor features

(1) Available in Stainless steel and powder coated mild steel cabinet withstand corrosion, wear &tear on continuous usage.
(2) The Compression plate is designed to exert uniform pressure on the blood bag.
(3) Meditech plasma extractor comes with attractive front panel bezel.

Meditech manufactures Four Version of Plasma Extractor

  • Manual Plasma Expressor
  • Automatic Plasma Expressor
  • Stainless Steel Plasma Expressor
  • Automatic Stainless Steel Plasma Expressor
Manual plasma extractorDownload Catalogue
Semi automatic plasma extractorDownload Catalogue
Stainless Steel plasma extractorDownload Catalogue
Semi Automatic Stainless Steel plasma extractorDownload Catalogue

Meditech Manufactures full range of Blood Bank Equipment

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