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Tissue Culture Chamber MTC30

Tissue Culture Chamber:

Meditech is the largest manufacturer and exporter of Tissue Culture Chamber MTC30

The MTC30 Tissue Culture Chamber is specially designed for tissue culture research and development. The growth height obtained is 25” (635mm).The Meditech Tissue culture chamber can also be used for short plants which require low intensity of light. The chamber is provided with two shelves. The flow of air is upward.The upward flow minimizes condensation inside tissue culture vessel.The MTC30 Tissue Culture Chamber shipped by Meditech is fully assembled and goes through standard doors. Just plug and play type of configuration.

Specification Of MTC30 Tissue Culture Chamber
+10°C to +45°C lights on
Growth Area 30ft2 (2.79m2)
Growth Height
25” (635mm) Tissue Culture Chamber
External Dimensions 104” x 35” x 78” inches (2640 x 890 x 1980mm)
Internal Capacity 31ft3 (940l)
Electrical Service 120/208-3Ø-60Hz (220/380-3Ø-50Hz)
Light Intensity 200 μmoles/m2/s
Weight 1380lb (626kg)

Lighting – Tissue Culture Chamber

T8 Fluorescent lamp and halogen incandescent lamps are used for standard lighting for MTC30 Tissue Culture Chamber.The light fixtures are fitted above the shelf. The refrigeration system is designed to remove heat from lights and ballast. 3 light levels arr programmed. This is monitored using quantum light meter. The value is displayed on Touch Screen in micromoles/m²/s.

Airflow – Tissue Culture Chamber
Air is distributed uniformly inside each shelf of the chamber. 20ft3/min (0.57m3/min) of fresh air can be introduced inside the chamber in controlled manner by researcher.

Refrigeration System – Tissue Culture Chamber
The tissue culture Chamber is provided with air cooled refrigeration system.