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Germination Chamber

What is a Germination Chamber?

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Germination chamber manufactured and exported by meditech provides optimum environment for the seeds to germinate. The germination chamber, improve uniformity, decreases the lead time and increase the numbers of seed to germinate. Germination chambers and rooms are used to provide a superior environment conditions for the seedlings off to a good start.

Important Factors for Germination Chamber:

The most important factor for germination are Temperature, Light, Humidity and Oxygen.


Seeds inside a packet has a humidity content of 4-12%. For the seed to Germinate, the humidity needs to be increased to 50%. Meditech germination chamber provides superior humidity accuracy in contact with the seeds and proper drainage of water inside the chamber.  


Meditech germination chamber are designed for a wide range of temperature for different species of seed. The above factor is been tested by USDA and various universities across the world. Some species like marigolds germinate between 10°C to 30°C. Other species like Freesia germinate between 10°C to 20°C. Meditech chambers are designed and can be adjusted from temperature range between 4° C to 50° C.


Adequate light is important for uniform germination of seeds. Meditech germination chamber has a wide spectrum of light. Few also growers treat seeds with light before they are sold. Light is important to prevent stretching once the seed starts germinating.

T-8 and T-5 Fluorescent lamps are widely used in germination chamber. Cool white and warm white gives best result. The light canopy is fixed above the trays so that light falls directly on the seeds.  Meditech germination chamber is widely used by seed growing companies and growers for optimum environment for different species.

The shelves are usually placed 12″-18″ apart with fluorescent light. The seeds are left underneath the shelves for 2 weeks with exact temperature and humidity settings before moving to the greenhouse. Light below micromoles/m2/s. The seed germination chamber saves energy by not having to start green house before several weeks.

Meditech technologies India private Limited also offers Germination Room for germination of seed in huge quantity. The Meditech Germination room is also fitted with lights, humidity and temperature system. The room is installed with shelves that are spaced 15 to 18 inches apart to allow space for lights and seed trays.

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