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Platelet Incubator Agitator Manufacturer Meditech

Platelet Incubator Agitator

European CE Certified Products Presafe DGM897

MEDITECH is the largest manufacturer of platelet agitator. Platelet agitator is designed to store Platelet concentrates in continues motion at a controlled temperature. The platelet agitator are constructed of double walls. The exterior is made of mild steel and the inner chamber is made of imported stainless steel (20 Swg, AISI 304) medical grade.

platelet incubator agitator

platelet incubator agitator


Features of Platelet Agitator

(1) Digital temperature recorder

(2) controller unit coupled with a unique air flow system to maintain the chamber uniformly at the AABB recommended temperature of 22 +/- 0.1ºC.

(3) Digital sensor placed inside the solution-filled bottle.

(4) Pause switch provided to arrest agitator motion for 10 seconds, for easy placement and removal of bags.

(5) Toughened glass door for safety and better visibility of platelet bags.

(6) Magnetic gaskets for doors ensure no air is lost in a ‘door closed’ condition.

(7) The internal fan switches off when the door is opened to avoid the loss of cold air.

(8) Eyelevel positioning of TRCU for better visibility.

(9) Automatic illumination when the door is opened allows for better visibility.

(10) The stabilizer protects the incubator from input voltage fluctuations and ensures that the equipment has a long life-cycle

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General Features of Platelet Agitator.

Temperature range:  22°C with micro controller based temperature controller.

Includes digital temperature display of set value and process value.

 Cabinet Construction of platelet incubator.

The cabinet of Meditech platelet incubator agitator is insulated with high density CFC free Poly Urethane Foam of 120 mm thick insulation.

Interior chamber of platelet agitator is finished resistant stainless Steel (304, 0.8 mm thick).

The exterior of platelet agitator is Sky Blue Pure Polyster powder coated (1.0 mm thick) Mild Steel and the door has a magnetic gasket with a keyed lock.

Refrigeration system of platelet agitator.

  • Platelet incubator Agitator uses Heavy-duty, air-cooled refrigeration system.
  • Forced air circulation maintains chamber uniformity of +/-1°C.
  • Provides quick recovery after door openings of platelet agitator.
  • Non-CFC refrigerant is used in platelet agitator.
  • Automatic condensate evaporator is implemented.
  • Internal evaporator fan shut off during door openings of platelet agitator.
  • Defrost cycle is used to maintain constant temperature.

Temp Controller of platelet agitator.

  • Micro processor based temperature control with accuracy of ±0.1ºC.
  • Smart controller saves the current consumption by more than 30%.
  • Quick recovery of temperature after opening of Door of platelet agitator.

 Audio Visual Alarm

Audio Visual Alarm is activated when the door is opened in platelet agitator.

Audio Visual Alarm is activated when temperature deviates from preset temperature.

Chart Recorder used in platelet incubator agitator.


Line In
Comp On
Heater On
Battery On
Battery Low
Temp High
Temp Low
Power Fail
Sensor Fail
Chart Change
System On
Scrolling LIVE Data logger on LED screen
Incoming Voltage
Ambient Temperature
Time in hours of revolution chart
Current Date
Current Time
Battery Voltage User
User Friendly Settings
High Temp Alarm
Low Temp Alarm
Compressor Delay

Platelet agitator has inbuilt 7 days circular Chart recorder.

Platelet Agitator T-Series -Touch Screen Series with PLC

Special Features

large 7 inch touch screen with display of set and process value.

Precise control of temperature by using micro controller based temperature controller.

Multiple language can be displayed on screen including English.

Integrated digital temperature cum controller with inbuilt 7 days circular chart recorder.

Battery back up of 24 hours of touch screen to ensure display & recording of temperature during power failures.

Integrated data management system with storage efficiency of temperature records up to 1000 readings & facility to transfer data through pen drive to PC.

large 7” touch display with facility to see current and last 24 hours temperature recording, High & Low alarm points with date & time recording and power resumption.

Audiovisual alarm if the temperature deviates from the set temperature.

Display of set value and process value.

Castor wheels for ease of mobility.

Printing Option : Supports following Dot matrix serial printers :


S-Series – Touch Screen Series with PLC and SCADA

 Special Features

All Special Features of T-series are included Along with

SCADA system connected through a remote alarm system, to a central monitoring systems.

Model Number will remain same for M-Series, W-Series, T-Series and S-Series.

Kindly mention series while ordering

Technical Specifications of platelet agitator

Optional Accessories

Stand by Refrigeration system

Ready to use stand by refrigeration system in case of regular system fails. This includes Compressor, Evaporator, condensers and other accessories

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The LABTOP ® Laboratory refrigerators are available in a variety of configurations providing alternatives between cabinet capacity, control capability..

General Features

Applications include refrigerated storage of Vaccines, Reagents, Cultures, Medicines and Blood samples. Temperature rangefrom 4.0 to 4.9° C with micro controller based temperature controller includes digital temperature display of set value and process value. Forced air circulation for maximum temperature uniformity. Temperature alarm system with adjustable high/low alarm limits, includes audio and visual warning.

Cabinet Construction and Refrigeration System
The cabinet of Meditech laboratory refrigerators are insulated with high density CFC free Poly Urethane Foam. Interior of chamber is to be finish resistant stainless Steel (304, 0.8 mm thick). The exterior is Havels white Pure Polyster powder coated (1.0 mm thick) Mild Steel and the door has a magnetic gasket with a keyed lock. Stainless steel trays are provided for storage inside. The cooling is effected by a hermitically sealed compressor of high quality. Complete Unit in total stainless steel (Inside S S 316, 0.8 mm thick and outside S S 304,1mm tick) is also manufactured by