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Glass Bead Sterilizers – Sterilizer Equipment Manufacturer and Suppliers

Meditech introduce a wide range of glass bead sterilizers in India. These equipment are also named as Glass Bead Tool Sterilizers. This sterilizer is used  for sterilization of dental instruments within 5 to 15 seconds. The unit is compact in size. It gives maximum efficiency for the instrument . The unique feature of fast warms up time is very much useful in dental clinics, surgical theaters and other laboratory application. Further more, the Meditech glass bead sterilizer are more efficient in quick sterilization of glass implements and small metal within few seconds.

Meditech is the largest suppliers and manufacturers of Glass Bead Sterilizers in India. Meditech Glass Bead Sterilizer is one of the easiest method of sterilization of equipment’s accurately within a short period of duration. The Unit takes no warm up time once started. All micro organism are destructed within 10 seconds by sterilization process.

Glass bead sterilizers is an effective tool for sterilization better than autoclave and cold sterilization. This is proved by Scoll College, Rosalind Franklin University, Chicago.

Application of Glass bead sterilizers:

Glass bead sterilizer are used in Tissue culture, Medical, Dental, Laboratory, Life science research and Biotechnology department. Meditech has successfully exported glass bead sterilizer to various countries across globe.

Glass Bead Sterilizer temperature is fitted with digital micro controller to control Temperature. Accuracy of ±0.1 degree is obtained. There is also digital display of sterilization temperature. The unit is made up of stainless steel 304. These units are compact to be placed on laminar air flow and work benches.

Technical Specifications of Glass Bead Sterilizers:

SPECIFICATIONS MT- 300 MT- 500 MT- 1000 MT- 2000
Cabinet Size L × W × H185 × 125 × 135mm140 x 142 x 202 mm.150 × 155 × 225 mm140 × 125 × 280mm
Crucible (Brass) size50 mm dia. x 50 mm. Depth50 mm dia. x 75 mm. Depth50 mm dia. × 137.5 mm Depth50 mm dia. × 162.5 mm Depth
Preset Temperature Range230°C- 250°C230°C-250°C245°C – 265°C 230°C- 250°C
Initial Stabilization Time30 Minutes30 Minutes 30 Minutes30 Minutes
Weight (Inclusive of Glass Beads)2.60 kgs.2.90 kgs.4.13 kgs.4.15 kgs.
Power Consumption15 Units (for 25 working days)30 units (for 25 working days)50 Units (for 25 working days)50 Units (for 25 working days)
Wattage75 W Single Phase150W single phase250 W Single Phase250 W Single Phase
Input220V/ 50 Hz or 110V/ 50 Hz220V/50Hz & 110V/50Hz220V/ 50 Hz or 110V/ 50 Hz220v/50Hz or 110v/50 Hz

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These Meditech Technologies India Private limited glass bead sterilizers are manufactured and designed for lab use. These devices are designed to  provide durable and continuous working with desired optimum performance. As a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of glass bead sterilizer in India, meditech offer custom built services to meet specific customer requirements. Customers are welcome to discuss with laboratory glass bead sterilizer design with our technical expert engineers and we can provide you the product with excellent quality.

Kindly drop us mail or call our customer care officers to discuss on any topic related to price, cost , quotation and warranty details of meditech glass bead sterilizer.