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Blood Collection Monitor Manufacturer India Battery Backup

blood collection monitor,

Blood Collection Monitor manufacturer in India European CE Certified Products Presafe DGM897

Meditech is the largest manufacturer and exporter of Blood collection monitor in India.

  • Facility for Manual Weight Calibration
  • Auto weight Calibration
  • Display value in Vol and Grams
  • RPM Settable from 1 to 50 RPM
  • Real Time Clock
  • Date and Time
  • Battery Backup for 50 Hours continuous operation of Blood Collection Monitor
  • Large LCD Display
  • Audio and Video Alarms
  • Display Indication – LED based
  • RS232 Ports

Blood Collection Monitor is useful to collect accurate blood during blood collection process. The amount of Blood collected is between 350ml to 450ml. The electronic Blood collection monitor is a compact instrument. It is used provide smooth and gentle shaking of blood with anticoagulant present inside the blood bag to from  a homogeneous mixture. This process helps to prevent clot formation of cells during blood collection from donor.

 Meditech Electronic Blood Collection Monitor has preset standard volumes for standard blood collection like 350 amd 450 ml. These values can be easily selected during collection process. Meditech monitor  has provision to stop the collection and change the volume using pause function key. The equipment is controlled using a micro controller. The volume can be set from 1ml to 999ml. Meditech Blood collection monitor is well known for its premium quality, tensile strength, performance and affordable price. It is widely exported to well known markets across the globe.

Meditech Blood mixing device can be adjusted to provides mixing of blood from 1 to 50 cycles/min. There is an automatic termination and stoppage of blood collection monitor once the blood in the bag reaches the set volume. The large digital LCD displays volume of blood and time taken for collection of Blood. The clamp automatically comes down once the required amount of blood is collected in the bag. The clamp can also be operated manually. There is a huge battery backup of Meditech Blood collection monitor for more than 50 hours.

Technical Specifications of Blood collection Monitor:

Catalogue Number MTBCM – 02
Input Voltage 90-280 VAC 50/60 Hz
Operation cycle Continues Operation with Intermittent Loading
Power consumption 12W (Max)
Working Environment  
Temperature 0° to 50°C
Relative Humidity 25 to 95%
Atm Pressure 650 to 1080hPa
Battery Full Charge Battery 50 hours continuous operation blood collection monitor
Storing and Transportation Temperature -20° to 50°C
Relative Humidity 20 to 99%
Atm Pressure: 650 to 1080hPa
Oscillation details 50± 1 rpm, motor driven oscillation. Adjustable for 1 to 50 RPM
Clamping Mode Automatic and Manual tube Clamping. Automatic clamping when the preset volume is achieved after collection
Volume Setting Insteps of 1 ml. Automatic storage of previous set volume. Continuous display of set and current volume
Auto Tare The Blood collection Monitor calibrates automatically each time when the Start Button is pressed
Alarms/Indications LCD and LED indication with audible alarm when there is no Blood flow. LCD and  LED indication with audible alarm at the end of collection.
Display Large Display:  16×2 line character Backlit LCD display
Time Measurement The time of collection is shown at the end of every collection.There is also display of time during collection
Accuracy 1% of the programmed volume
Dimension in mm height:140mm; length:250mm; width: 250mm
Weight 4.8 kg. only weight of blood collection monitor
Battery rechargeable 12V, 2.3 AH Sealed Maintenance free lead acid  battery
RTC Real Time Clock
Time setting Display on the main screen and editable
Date Setting Display on the main screen and editable
RPM RPM setting of motor from 0 to 50
RS 232 RS 232 port for extraction of data from BCM to Computer

MENU ITEMS OF Electronic Blood collection Monitor

Menu Item   Description
Test Cal Mode   The user can check accuracy of Blood collection Monitor using Test Cal. 500 gm of calibrated weight is placed on the shaking assembly of Blood collection monitor and weight is calibrated.
EDIT MOTOR SPEED   The Motor speed can be adjusted using MOTOR SPEED option.The speed can be set from 01 RPM to 50 RPM.
Time Mode   Meditech Blood collection monitor is incorporated with RTC Chip to display real time and clock. Once the time is set, the Blood collection monitor stores the time and displays in the front of screen. The time automatically keeps updating in the background even if the Blood collection monitor is switched Off.
Date Mode (CALENDAR)   Meditech Blood collection monitor has RTC Chip to display Calendar mode and Date . Once the Date is set, the Blood collection monitor stores the Date and displays in the front of screen. The DATE automatically keeps updating in the background even if the Blood collection monitor is switched Off.
RS 232   1. Serial No of blood collection mixer

2. Blood in (ml)

3. Time taken for collection of blood. minutes and Seconds

4. Time display at the time of collection

5. Date display at the time of collection

 Carrying case

We also provide carrying case on request. Download Catalog

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