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Refrigerated BOD Incubator:

European CE Certified Products Presafe DGM897

BOD Incubator is used to test specimen at specific temperature. Meditech Technologies India Private Limited is the best BOD Incubator supplier and manufacturer with largest selling base. We are leading bod incubator manufacturers in India.

Refrigerated B.O.D. Incubators is used in BOD Testing and Storage of sensitive cultures. It also finds its application in vaccines and bacteria microorganism. Plant life, serum incubation studies, Immunological work, chemicals, etc are also studied studied using B.O.D. Incubator

7 inch Touch Screen Controller
USB and Data logger
21 CFR Part 11 Software

Web Based Software (SAIFIN53) – Remote Management of BOD
25 years of knowledge, expertise and experience




Features of 21 CFR part 11 COD Incubator

(a) 21 CFR part 11 USFDA compliant COD Incubator software with validation documents.

(b) Password with aging and history.

(c) Electronic signature.

(d) Audit Trail.

(e) SMS alarm alert for mobile.

(f) Web based Ethernet and WIFI for online monitoring.

(g) Data of door access in software with remote options.

(h) All the events, utility, working status and alarms are logged in the software.

(i) Reports of mean Kinetic Temperature Reading are also logged in.

(j) Records in graph format and in tabular form.

(k) DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ protocols as per the International guidelines along with calibration certificates and also provided on request by customer.

(l) Works on 230V/110 VAC single phase 50/60Hz.


Remote Incubator and Room Management – Web Based Software (SAIFIN53)

Access Anywhere Anytime!! Around the Globe

BOD incubator can be connected and controlled without installing software. Meditech SAIFIN53 software has gained popularity among operators for reliability and ease. SAIFIN53 is available remotely with the help of a web browser using internet. SAIFIN53 is designed to meet the increasing demands. This web based software adds extra capabilities of data logging, user-configuration and features of all alarm notifications via Email and SMS.

Features of BOD Incubator

(a) Multiple software Qualifications and installations is not required.

(b) Software accessible through browser.

(c) Compatible with Windows7/8/9/10 and Android .

(d) One-time software installation on your plants server and access the software anytime, anywhere through a web browser.

(e) View Status, take printouts or execute any of your tasks from anywhere.

(f) Segregation of users, equipment & Data.

(g) Harmonization of reporting format.

(h) Alarms,alerts and Notifications through SMS & emails.

(i) Configuration of alarms that has to be sent through email and SMS with configure delay time.

(j) Time running calculation of Moving Average and MKT.

(k) Running hours calculation to determine the shelf-life of major components.

(l) Real-time display of all connected and disconnected equipment on screen.

(m) Auto Data backup facility.

(n) Diagnosis for troubleshooting via Team Viewer.

(o) Ethernet based LAN communication with chambers.

(p) Chamber Complies to US FDA 21 CFR Part11

Features of BOD Incubator Software

(1) An Innovative way of data handling and communication.

(2)Plug and Play fashion via Ethernet to connect local or plant networked.

(3)System parameters and historical graphs are displayed LIVE.

(4)Any standard browser can be used for Browsing.

(5)Live data can be accessed remotely from any part of the world.

BOD Test

 BOD incubator maintains a temperature range of 5ºC to 60ºC . They are widely used in laboratories engaged in research and agricultural industries. They are used in study of biochemical oxygen demand. Bacterial culturing, Germination of seeds and Plants, Fermentation and insect studies are part of these studies.
The B.O.D. Incubators is also available with lighting arrangements for plant and insects to mimic day and night cycle.
Nitrogen present in water samples and organic matter is studied with the help of Refrigerated B.O.D. Incubators. This water is treated with suitable chemicals and recycled back without posing threat to regular water supply system and environment. Monitoring of quality of air and water in enforced by government agencies. It is compulsory norm for all organizations now to test their samples using BOD incubator.


(1) B.O.D Incubator is manufactured on CNC machines. This gives consistency in performance and aesthetic look.

(2) PUF insulation which is CFC Free is used.

(3) B O D Incubators incorporate air blowers to maintain air circulation and temperature accuracy inside the chamber.

(4) Glass door can be provided on customer demand. chamber is illuminated with LED lights. Stainless steel perforated trays are provided for storage.

(5) Meditech incubators provide Accuracy, Uniformity, Reliability and Economy.

(6) BOD Incubator manufactured by Meditech is as per the cGMP Regulations.


(1) The Incubator is provided with safety cut offs and alarms.

(2) Safety system is also provided for Refrigeration system in case of overshoot or undershoot of temperature with audio visual alarm.

(3) Emergency control system called – Thermostatic safety system.

(4)Door open alarm is a standard feature.

(5) Alarms and events are logged in the SAIFIN software.




Features of BOD Controller

(1) 7 inch Touch Screen controller and Advance PLC Based LED controller options are available .

(2) Auto tuning for accurate control of temperature conditions.

(3) Printer interface facility to store data and to print it directly on a printer.

(4)PLC based Touch screen can be connected to Computer via Ethernet using TCP IP Protocol for mapping and data logging.

(5)A PLC system for an auto changeover of standby systems and other event logging and monitoring purpose.

(6) SMS mobile alert module to give malfunction SMS on mobiles simultaneously

(7)Door Access Security System with smart cards and bio-metrics.

(8) Utility management system is provided for continuous machines operations.


LitresInner Dimension
WxDxH cm
Outer Dimension
WxDxH cm
No of Trays


Technical Data Of BOD Incubator

(1) Standard Model(S): Inside Stainless Steel 304 & Outside Galvanised Powder Coated mild steel.

(2) GMP Model(G): Inside Stainless Steel 316 with mirror polish & outside with SS 304

(3) Temp. Range /Accuracy: 5°C to 60°C /± 0.1°C

(4) Temp Uniformity : ± 1°C

About Meditech BOD Incubator

Meditech is the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of BOD Incubator in India and many countries across globe.