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Arabidopsis Chamber MTAC10

Arabidopsis chamber MTAC10

Applications Arabidopsis chamber

The MTAC Series Arabidopsis chamber is designed for growing Arabidopsis thaliana from seedling to full maturity. The two growing levels within the Arabidopsis chamber provide maximum growing space with the smallest foot print possible. Please contact Meditech with your specific needs for Arabidopsis chamber and our experienced and trained staff will ensure you receive the right product and options for your Arabidopsis chamber application.

Construction for Arabidopsis chamber
The exterior cabinet of Arabidopsis chamber is free standing and insulated with CFC free polystyrene. The exterior skin is a blue-green baked enamel on patterned aluminum. The interior of Arabidopsis chamber is a white reflective skin offering uniform light reflectance. The floor pan is constructed of 22 gauge stainless steel, sloped towards a drain. The Arabidopsis chamber compartment contains all the controls, and internal refrigeration system. Easy access to the compressor and refrigeration components is by an external maintenance panel. This means servicing is accomplished without disturbing the plant growth area of Arabidopsis chamber. All handles and door hinges are heavy duty chrome finish. Door has keyed magnetic lock, protecting researchers valuable experiments. Arabidopsis chamber Opening clears 29″W x 56″H (76cm x 142cm).

Lighting of Arabidopsis chamber

The standard light intensity of Arabidopsis chamber is 175 micromoles/m2/s using T8 fluorescent lamps. Dimming ballasts provide precise control over light intensity of Arabidopsis chamber. Meditech’s own Closed-Loop Light Control maintains precise intensity of programmed levels from 60 to 175 micromoles/m2/s.

The cabinet of Arabidopsis chamber is supplied with a self-contained air cooled hermetically sealed condensing unit with hot gas bypass for continuous compressor operation, extended compressor life and close temperature control. Extended stem solenoids of Arabidopsis chamber are used to promote quiet operation and a longer life.

The Arabidopsis chamber MATC Advantage
The Arabidopsis Thaliana Chamber series of equipment has been developed to provide the researcher with dedicated technology for the development of the Arabidopsis plants. Our Arabidopsis chamber MATC10, the more compact unit from this line, combines state-of-the-art technology and proven engineering principals to give the researcher an ideal environment for Arabidopsis growth. Two tiers of growing space maximize the chamber’s footprint, making the MATC10 extremely space-efficient and ideally suitable where laboratory space is limited. Engineered andtapered air-handling plenums ensure consistent air-flow into the chamber. This, in combination with lamp configurations and canopies that are designed to maximize light dispersion, ensure a high degree of uniformity of all conditions within the growing area. This degree of uniformity has proven to be necessary for the efficient growth of modified forms of this species. Electronically dimmable ballasts, in combination with a closed-loop light control system, and quantum light sensor allow the researcher to program and control light intensity in micromoles. All controlled parameters are managed and logged through Meditech’s reliable 7” Touch screen controller giving the researcher maximum flexibility and documented results. Sound manufacturing principals, quality components and our ISO9001 quality control program ensures that this equipment performs as specified.

Arabidopsis chamber Specifications

Growth area ft2 (m2):               Two tiers of: 5 (0.5) ea.
Growth height in (cm):             Two tiers of: 21 (56) ea.
Growth capacity ft3 (liters):    Total: 18 (509)
Interior grow dimensions in. (cm): Two tiers of: 26W x 30D x 21H (66 x 76 x 56)ea.
Exterior dimensions in. (cm):  30W x 35D x 78H (87 x 89 x 198)
Temperature range (°C) maximum
design ambient temp. of +35°C
lights off: +4 to +45
lights on: +10 to +45
control: ±0.5 at control point
Humidity control RH Optional see chart
Electrical service:         60Hz: 120V, 1Ø
50Hz:                              220V, 1Ø
Weight lb. (kg):            545 (247)