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Nerve Muscle Assembly

Meditech Technologies India Pvt. Ltd is the largest manufacturer and exporter of  Nerve Muscle Assembly.

It is useful for recording muscle contractions on a smoked paper on cylinder of a Sherrington recording drum. The components of assembly are as under: Digital Microprocessor based Sherrington Recording Drum- 7 speeds, suitable to be used on battery backup, no plastic gears, with in-built timer and alarm feature Model SRD-01. Also supplied with: Dubois Raymond Induction Coil, Drum paper clips, Crank myograph, Sterling heart lever, Adjustable stand, Standard X block, Open sided X Block, N-100 tunning fork, Dubois Raymond Key, Simple contact key, Simple electrode, Hook and weight set 110gm, Hook and weight set 11gm, Muscle clip Frog heart Clip, Pithing needle, Thread (adequate), Connecting wire (adequate), Fixing Pins (adequate), Capillary lever, Nerve Muscle Chamber 17x13x3cm



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