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Smoking Burner & Stand

Meditech Technologies India Pvt. Ltd is the largest manufacturer and exporter of Smoking Burner & Stand.

The smoking stand enables the drum to be smoked on its own stand. A piece of glazed paper is pasted on the drum. Then the drum is placed on the horizontal arm of smoking stand. The burner is put on and drum is smoked uniformly by rotating on the flame and a thin and black smoking is obtained.

Smoking outfit comprises of basically 2 parts-Smoking stand & Smoking Burner kerosene or gas type.

Smoking Stand:

Standardised to take any size of cylinders (6″ or 10″) with stainless steel spindle, free moving in ball bearing with turning handle, but supplied without burner.

Smoking Burner:

Kerosene type Smoking burner Gas Type

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