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Donor Couches

Micro-controller based donor couch is designed to provide a comfortable position for the donor. Donor’s position can be easily shifted from upright body position.


The Meditech Blood Donor Couch is a fully upholstered donor chair, designed to provide a comfortable position for the donor, and features variable positioning for either arm, as well as reclining and upright body positions.

1.All metal Frame Construction
2. Power slide control provides smooth shifting from head-low, feet-high position to any
intermediate position
3.Accommodate assembly for operator ease and solid arm support
4.Ambar assembly for operator ease and solid arm support
5. 25 inch seat allows waist-high working level.
6.Adjustable arm rests swing out for easy seating as well as move up and down
7. Premium, UL listed polyurethane foam
8. Top quality, contract grade vinyl covering


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Technical Specifications:


Value Description


Length: 1828 mm; Width: 609mm ; Base seating height:660 mm ; Additional hand rest 200mm width on each side

weight 65 Kilograms
Positions (1) Head Low (2) Feet High (3) Intermediate positions.
Operation Control Remote Control
Hand rest 2 Numbers ( left and right)
Power Consumption 0.9 watts. Single phase. 230 Volts, 50/60 Hz
Castor wheels 4 Lockable castor wheels are provided.
Compliance 73/23/EEC(LVD)
89/336/EEC (EMC)
CE This marking reflects with council directives on EMC
89/336/EEC, 92/31/EEC, 93/68/EEC.

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